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Grant emailgrant at gmail.com
Fri Nov 3 21:35:28 EST 2006

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> >> > I'm not sure I agree with you here.  I think most Gentoo users would
> >> > rather see each Perl module pulled in separately.  For example,
> >> > if someone already has all the necessary Perl modules installed,
> >> > there is no need to pull in BundleInterchange.  I do think that
> >> > BundleInterchange deserves its own ebuild in Portage though.
> >> >
> >> Well, if dev-perl/BundleInterchange contained nothing but a list of
> >> dependencies then it would act in the same way as the CPAN
> >> Bundle::Interchange bundle. Each module ebuild would be installed
> >> individually, according to the dependency tree.
> >
> > Ah, I didn't realize CPAN modules could work that way.  I don't know
> > much about them at all.  Depending on InterchangeBundle instead of the
> > individual modules still sounds like adding an unnecessary layer
> > though.
> Layers are good, especially in this instance.  It allows the easy
> installation of the modules for someone who wants to install IC
> themselves.  If you don't have that layer, then in order to accomplish
> the same thing you'd still need to have an ebuild for the modules, plus
> you'd have to maintain the exact same set of modules in the interchange
> ebuild.

As far as having the InterchangeBundle ebuild available for someone
who wants to install IC manually, I agree.  We were disagreeing on
whether the IC ebuild should depend on the individual modules or
InterchangeBundle.  The only reason to have it depend on
InterchangeBundle that I can see is negating the need to maintain the
set of modules needed for IC in both the IC ebuild and
InterchangeBundle.  That's probably a good enough reason.

To All:  Please chime if you have an opinion one way or the other.

- Grant

> >> If a user already has all of the required modules then nothing would
> >> happen.  If the user wants Interchange then the dependency tree would
> >> drill through the bundle to find the modules.  If the user just wants
> >> the bundle (so that IC can be installed manually) then that option would
> >> be available too.
> >
> > I definitely agree that Interchange::Bundle needs an ebuild.  I should
> > be able to put one of those together a lot more quickly.  It'll be a
> > good warm up.
> Well, there ya go, then.
> Peter

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