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Kevin Walsh kevin at cursor.biz
Sat Nov 4 04:32:27 EST 2006

Grant <emailgrant at gmail.com> wrote:
> > > > Well, if dev-perl/BundleInterchange contained nothing but a list of
> > > > dependencies then it would act in the same way as the CPAN
> > > > Bundle::Interchange bundle. Each module ebuild would be installed
> > > > individually, according to the dependency tree.
> > > >
> > > Ah, I didn't realize CPAN modules could work that way.  I don't know
> > > much about them at all.  Depending on InterchangeBundle instead of the
> > > individual modules still sounds like adding an unnecessary layer
> > > though.
> > >
> > Layers are good, especially in this instance.  It allows the easy
> > installation of the modules for someone who wants to install IC
> > themselves.  If you don't have that layer, then in order to accomplish
> > the same thing you'd still need to have an ebuild for the modules, plus
> > you'd have to maintain the exact same set of modules in the interchange
> > ebuild.
> >
> As far as having the InterchangeBundle ebuild available for someone
> who wants to install IC manually, I agree.  We were disagreeing on
> whether the IC ebuild should depend on the individual modules or
> InterchangeBundle.  The only reason to have it depend on
> InterchangeBundle that I can see is negating the need to maintain the
> set of modules needed for IC in both the IC ebuild and
> InterchangeBundle.  That's probably a good enough reason.
> To All:  Please chime if you have an opinion one way or the other.
My chime would be for you to add some sort of "kitchensink" USE flag,
so that both bundles could be, err, bundled into one package.  The
installer can then decide how much of the bundle to use, by either
making use of the USE flag or ignoring it.

Gentoo is my distro of choice but, as I said, it's highly unlikely that
I'd ever make use of a "www-apps/interchange" package.  I would make use
of a "dev-perl/BundleInterchange" package, as long as it just consisted
of a list of dependencies.

One other thing:  You should add some sort of "are you nuts?" warning
if the "ithreads" USE flag is found to be switched on when your
"www-apps/interchange" ebuild is called.  As you may know, Gentoo won't
build Perl with threads enabled unless this USE flag has been specified.
Gentoo describes the "ithreads" USE flag as "Enable Perl threads, has
some compatibility problems."  Your warning should probably be a little
more descriptive than my suggested text. :-)

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