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Frank Reitzenstein frank at goldissue.com
Sat Nov 4 01:42:09 EST 2006

Kevin Walsh wrote:
> Frank Reitzenstein <frank at goldissue.com> wrote:
>> I have been collecting customers credit card details from my shopping
>> cart the last 6 months.
>> I have then gone to paypal and completed the order. This has been great
>> as my sales have increased steadily. I am turning over more than USD120
>> a week and increasing.  
>> Anyway paypal jumped on me today, and told me not to collect credit
>> card details and process customer's accounts manually.
>> I remember reading that a merchant gateway pays once one turns over
>> $300 a week. In my case as a reseller I only take 10%.
>> Has anyone got any suggestions for a cheap way to collect money until
>> my business truly flourishes?
> Manual processing of collected card details is fine as long as the
> details are collected and stored securely, and then deleted when no
> longer required.
> GnuPG/PGP encryption is best for that sort of thing, as long as the
> decryption key is kept secure.  You will be jumped upon from a great
> height if you do anything insecurely, such as storing card details in
> the clear.
> If you were in North America, you could probably use the PayPal "Pro"
> gateway to process card payments.  You're in Australia, I see, so that
> option might be closed to you at this time.
> You will find a list of payment modules, along with setup and usage
> instructions, on the following page:
>     http://www.interchange.rtfm.info/downloads/payments.html
> Modules to support other synchronous payment gateways can be written,
> and you might even find that someone has written a gateway that works
> with your chosen service already.
> You could also look at bureau services, and anyone who will provide you
> with a web-based payment submission form for manual processing.  The
> comments about card detail security still apply, of course.

Thanks for your input. I found a snippet by Scott Kennedy a couple of
years ago. It basically placed a paypal button on the receipt page. I
never liked the fact that it was one step too far. However I just set up
a working model which uses our "Place Order" button on the checkout page
- of course there may be details I haven't thought of, I guess the cart
gets abandoned locally. I created a clone of my site, and you can feel
free to test the checkout (buy this item
http://secure.goldissue.com/shop/paypal/NF-131 ) and take it through to
the PayPal site. It should do until I mave promoted my site more, and
have some good figures to show the bank,



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