[ic] How to determine cause of load spikes.

DB DB at M-and-D.com
Sat Nov 4 19:25:51 EST 2006

>> In the mean time I've realized that indexing more fields of my products
>> table may help alot. My 'description' field is type TEXT however - can
>> TEXT columns be indexed?
> Not in the same way as your other columns, no.  You might want to consider
> using the Swish-e search engine.  I use that on my RTFM website, and the
> full-text searches on that website are reasonably quick.
> Interchange-based search/scan operations will read in a large chunk of
> your searched tables and then decide what to throw out, leaving you with
> the results you asked for.  That method is fine in most cases, but is
> not so good if you have lots of rows and/or have lots of data in the
> searched columns.
> Building a Swish-e index daily (or on demand) and searching on that,
> could be the fix you need - depending upon the searches you perform,
> of course.

Thanks - it looks like Swish-e can index a collection of text files and
then quickly do searches on that index. I'm not sure how I can use
Swish-e to index my database's products table? Can anyone provide a
conceptual overview or point me to some docs?


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