[ic] authorizenet failure increments counter?

Bob Puff bob at nleaudio.com
Mon Nov 27 23:45:53 EST 2006

> At some point between 4.8 and now, the charge routine was moved out 
> of the order profile and into the order route. I'm quite certain the 
> purpose of this was so that the order number would be available to 
> the charge request as identifying data (the context in which this 
> came up most often was for Verisign where it is highly desirable to 
> include the order number in one of the COMMENT fields to ease 
> reconciliation). The difference is, as you've noted, order numbers 
> get "used" on failed attempts. The problem is there's no ironclad 
> way to "roll back" increments (even RDBMS systems recognize this as 
> sequence values are never rolled back as part of a failed 
> transaction).

Actually, if it did that, I'd probably be happy.  The problem is, the order
number isn't anywhere in the data sent to authorizenet.

Anyway, I've looked all over trying to find where either:

  1. The charge code is called, or
  2. The order number is incremented

..in the routes, everywhere, can't seem to locate it.  


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