[ic] authorizenet failure increments counter?

Peter peter at pajamian.dhs.org
Tue Nov 28 00:56:55 EST 2006

On 11/27/2006 08:45 PM, Bob Puff wrote:
>> At some point between 4.8 and now, the charge routine was moved out 
>> of the order profile and into the order route. I'm quite certain the 
>> purpose of this was so that the order number would be available to 
>> the charge request as identifying data (the context in which this 
>> came up most often was for Verisign where it is highly desirable to 
>> include the order number in one of the COMMENT fields to ease 
>> reconciliation). The difference is, as you've noted, order numbers 
>> get "used" on failed attempts. The problem is there's no ironclad 
>> way to "roll back" increments (even RDBMS systems recognize this as 
>> sequence values are never rolled back as part of a failed 
>> transaction).
> Actually, if it did that, I'd probably be happy.  The problem is, the order
> number isn't anywhere in the data sent to authorizenet.

The order number is still available for the AuthorizeNet.pm payment
module to send to Authorize.net.  The reason that it's not in the actual
data sent to Authorize.net is because the payment module doesn't bother
to send it.

There are payment modules (for other payment gateways) that do send the
order number, though.  One example is NetBilling.pm which is available
in the latest development version of Interchange and also at


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