[ic] Occasional/random "Connection reset by peer" errors

Daniel Davenport DDavenport at newagedigital.com
Tue Sep 12 16:58:42 EDT 2006

>From time to time, some requests to IC pages cause a page to be
displayed that reads "We're sorry, the Interchange server is available
due to a system error.  <snip>  connection reset by peer".  (I'd paste
the exact message, but someone here already knows the text of it --
plus, i can never seem to _make_ it show the error message.)  No error
appears in either the IC logs or in apache's log for that site.  There
were a few mentions of "interrupted system call" in the IC error log,
and setting $ENV{PERL_SIGNALS} to 'unsafe' seems to have stopped that,
but the "connection reset by peer" message still shows occasionally. 

Clicking the reload button in my browser causes the page to appear
correctly in my browser about 99.999% of the time.  So i don't see it
being the code in the page causing the problem.

Using IC 5.3.1 (unix mode, via cgi + mod_rewrite -- not
Interchange::Link), perl 5.8.8 (unthreaded), apache 2.0.53, mysql
3.23.58, and whatever perl module versions were available about 2 weeks
ago.  The database was on another machine previously, but it's all in
the same box now in an attempt to reduce/eliminate any network-related

The system in question is a dual p3/1ghz, with 1gb of ram installed.  i
don't think i've ever seen the load average exceed 1.5 except during
builds or updates; 0.5 or lower is about the norm.  Swap space is hardly
touched.....i never see more than 2mb of it in use.     So it seems to
me that the box isn't under any real stress.

So what am i missing here?  I'm running out of reasons for it to flake

Daniel Davenport
New Age Digital

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