[ic] Bug with "Order Returns" for more than one return

Mike Heins mike at perusion.com
Tue Sep 19 10:03:47 EDT 2006

Quoting Jure Kodzoman (jure at plsavez.hr):
> Hy, I've noticed a strange bug in Standard demo.
> In Return Orders we have 2 shipped orders. I then select some items and
> return some order (ie first one). Then I go back in "Return Orders"
> screen and there select another order, but this time without selecting
> any items. Both returns have to be done inside same session, of course.
> Instead of showing an error stating that no item was selected it says 
> "Return already processed for line TEST0004-2 on RMA 16! Skipping"
> This (return_items) variable should be cleared in line 91 of
> query/order_return.html
> [set return_items][/set]
> I've printed out variable before and after this line, and the line
> DOESN'T get cleared.
> The weird thing about it is when i put 
> [set return_items] [/set] instead (with space), everything works ok.
> The command [set return_items][/set] should clear return_items, but it
> doesn't. Could this be a bug in "set" (therefore a part of a larger
> problem), or is it something connected to this specific example. Anyhow,
> it's strange.

The problem is not in the set routine, that is for sure. That is so
simple it is impossible. 

What is even more bizaare is that $Scratch->{return_items} is not
used anywhere that I can see....

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