[ic] indirect_login with AUTO_INCREMENT field

Bill Carr bill at bottlenose-wine.com
Wed Sep 27 16:26:20 EDT 2006

I can not figure out how to use indirect_login and an AUTO_INCREMENT  
username column with my UserDB to create a new account.

mysql> SHOW CREATE TABLE userdb;
CREATE TABLE `userdb` (
   `username` int(11) NOT NULL auto_increment,
   `email` varchar(128) NOT NULL default '',
   `password` varchar(20) NOT NULL default '',
   `acl` text,

I've tried all kinds of combinations like below.
UserDB	default	<<EOD
     userminlen	    => 1,
     passminlen	    => 1,
     crypt	    => 0,
     time_field	    => 'mod_time',
     database	    => 'userdb',
     indirect_login  => 'email',
     logfile	    => 'userdb.log',
     sql_counter	    => 'userdb:username',
     assign_username => 1

I always end up with two records in my UserDB like so:
mysql> SELECT username,email,password FROM userdb ORDER BY username  
| username | email                    | password |
|     1724 |                          | password |
|     1723 | bill at bottlenose-wine.com |          |

It seems like I could make sure I have a numeric counter file with a  
value at least as high as MAX(username) but that seems like something  
that should be able to be avoided. Is there a way to use an  
AUTO_INCREMENT username column with indirect_login in Interchange?

Bill Carr
Bottlenose - Wine & Spirits eBusiness Specialists
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