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JT Justman jt at signless.com
Wed Aug 8 01:06:23 EDT 2007

Grant wrote:
> Sorry for replying to myself.  Does anyone know which one of these is
> generally faster than the other?
> 1.
> [loop list="sku1 sku2 sku3 ..."]
> [loop-data products title]
> [/loop]
> 2. (with proper mysql indexes)
> [loop search="search goes here"]
> [loop-param title]
> [/loop]

I'm not sure... try [benchmark] and see :) My inclination is that IC
will perform three queries for the first, and one for the second, but
I'm not that intimate with the DB code.

> Is this the proper way to set up mysql indexes in products.mysql:
> Database products COLUMN_DEF "title=char(100), INDEX(title(100))"

AFAIK it doesn't matter what you have in the IC sql definition - MySQL
is going to use the index if it can, if you've created the right index.
There's a lot to how indexes are used - if you are making a simple
equality match on one field, then the difference of adding an index is
pretty significant.

One thing to look for are calling [data] from other tables inside the
query. You can often achieve this nicely with a JOIN.

I'm just stabbing in the dark here - feel free to post something more
specific if you like.



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