[ic] Shipping charge getting "stuck"

DB DB at M-and-D.com
Sun Aug 12 14:57:33 EDT 2007

>> I'm running 5.4.2 and a modified foundation store. My shipping charges
>> are based on price, but I have several virtual items for which I do not
>> want to charge any shipping.
>> I assigned these virtual items a weight of zero in the products table,
>> and I thought the following code added to
>> include/checkout/shopping_cart
>> would do the trick
>> [if type=explicit compare="[summary format='%s' total=1]"]
>> [comment]do nothing[/comment]
>> [else]
>> [assign shipping=0]
>> [/else]
>> [/if]
>> This does work, however if a non-virtual item is then added to the
>> cart,
>> the shipping remains at zero instead of getting calculated by price.
> How do you know that it 'works' ?  Does the if perhaps always return
> true/false (as in always the comment or always doing the assign?)
> Have you tried have this 'if' return some debug data to know for sure that
> it goes into the if/else correctly.
> Perhaps your compare always returns the same (incorrect) value, but it
> appears correct for the zero weight and not for the others.
>> Why does the shipping get "stuck" at zero, even after the total weight
>> of the items in the cart becomes non-zero? Can anyone suggest a
>> solution?
> Can't you add a line to the shipping.asc which says that an order with 0
> weight has 0 shipping cost?
> CU,
> Gert

Yes, I did use some debugging display text to verify that the if/else is
working properly. There's just something odd about the shipping charge
getting "stuck" which I don't understand. Once the shipping gets set to
zero once, it stays there no mater what I put in the cart. Once stuck, I
have to close the browser and re-enter the site to get it to show
something other than zero for shipping.

Can you give me and example of a line for shipping.asc that would do
what you suggest?


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