[ic] parse_page error

Jeff Boes jeff at endpoint.com
Fri Dec 28 14:15:31 EST 2007

I'm trying to clear up a problem that seems to be related to this post
from earlier this year:


> Creating new pages in the latest CVS version of IC
> results in an "parse_page: Error parsing page" error.

> The latest change to ContentEditor.pm can't be correct imho
> as the parse_page routine returns an array of component names
> (@compnames) see line 689 of ContentEditor.pm
> This array could be empty of course and thus causing the test to fail...
> resulting in the ever present "parse_page: Error parsing page" error.

For instance, editing old (V5.2-output) pages with V5.5 causes the
"Error parsing page" to appear. It seems to be related to pages which
don't have any controls defined.

Has anyone investigated the underlying code (ContentEditor.pm, v 2.18
and up) to determine if this is a bug?

Jeffery Boes  <><
jeff at endpoint.com

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