[ic] swish search - quotes

Dan Bergan dan at berganconsulting.com
Wed Feb 7 16:06:25 EST 2007

Quoting Dan Bergan <dan at berganconsulting.com>:

> I use swish-e to search my site.  I would like to allow customers to
> use all the features they are accustomed to using with search engines.
>  In my testing, it looks like quotes are removed from the search  spec,
> so a phrase search is impossible.
> Is there any way to do a phrase search with swish-e and interchange?
> I can do a phrase search from the command line -- the swish-e search
> command is:
> swish-e -w \"word1 word2\" -f /path/to/index

I've been wading through Swish.pm and Search.pm... It appears that if  
I set either mv_exact_match or mv_coordinate, spec_check will allow my  
quotes to pass through:
if ( ! $s->{mv_exact_match} and ! $s->{mv_coordinate}) {
	my $string = join ' ', @specs;
	eval {
		@specs = Text::ParseWords::shellwords( $string );
	if($@ or ! @specs) {
		$string =~ s/['"]/./g;
		$s->{mv_all_chars}[0] = 0;
		@specs = Text::ParseWords::shellwords( $string );

However it looks like I will have to do some hacking in Swish.pm it  
looks like quotes are always removed as "unsafe charachers":
$spec =~ s/[^-\w()"\s\*]+//g
	and $CGI::values{debug}
	and ::logError("Removed unsafe characters from search string");

(My regex skills may be a bit rusty, so please correct me if I'm  
reading either of these wrong!)

Does this seem like a reasonable thing for me to do in Swish.pm:
#removed quote char (") from regex
$spec =~ s/[^-\w()\s\*]+//g
	and $CGI::values{debug}
	and ::logError("Removed unsafe characters from search string");

if ( $s->{mv_exact_match} ) {
         $spec =~ s/"/\"/g;
else {
         $spec =~ s/"//g;

I'm getting a bit out of my element here, I would rather not have to  
change a core file, so I would appreciate any easier ways to  
accomplish this!


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