[ic] Importing Products Rounds Down Prices

DB DB at M-and-D.com
Sat Feb 17 15:45:14 EST 2007

> When importing products.txt to my MySQL IC database prices are being rounded
> down from 11.95 to 11.00.  If I change the price via the Admin interface it
> imports correctly.  I am uploading the initial products file with a bit over
> 2000 products so it really is not a viable option to update all the prices
> via the admin interface.  Should I be changing COLUMN_DEF "price=varchar" in
> products? I have searched the list and found a few posts but no real
> solution.  Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.  
> Thanx,
> Carol Blevins

I recall this happening to me once or twice. How exactly are you
producing the data which you're uploading? If you're doing it from
Excel, try opening that same xls file in OpenOffice and then exporting
from there as a tab-delimited text file. Upload that, export the
products table then restart IC and see if you're still having the problem.


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