[ic] Changing order status

Oleg Raskin oleg at eville.us
Fri Jan 5 17:40:08 EST 2007


Using IC 5.4.1 I noticed some strange behavior when changing order status
through the admin UI.

For example, let's say an order consists of two items and I change the
status of individual items, one to shipped and one to backordered. Now the
status of the entire order is "partially shipped" and I can see which
items were shipped and which were not. So far so good. However, let's say
the customer doesn't want to wait for the backordered item and cancels it,
but still wants the one that was shipped. I would need to update the
status of that one item from backordered to canceled. And that's where I
run into a problem: changing the item status to anything other than
shipped or backordered doesn't seem to take effect.

Is this a known bug? What would be the best way to cancel individual items
in a large order so they actually say "canceled"?

Many thanks.

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