[ic] Google and Scan Versus Search

Jon prtyof5 at attglobal.net
Sun Jul 22 15:40:49 EDT 2007

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> An interesting tidbit I've recently noticed/experienced.
> It appears google is more favorable to caching/indexing pages
> that are created using scan versus search. At least this is what
> I've experienced recently.
> e.g
> href="[area search="se=
> href="[area scan se=
> Jon
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> Hi Jon,
> I've never paid attention to the URL constructed by [area], what is the
> difference?  Don't they both appear as dynamic, something I was under
> the impression that Google would not index, which is why ActionMaps can
> be of such value?
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I've heard that before :)

I had added some 1 click searches on a page a couple of weeks
ago and the ones that were created via 'search' are not cached
while the ones created using scan are cached. which I thought
was interesting because I know those URLs are not very google
friendly.  And maybe it was the way I defined the search field which
I happen to make /sf=* versus /sf=prod_group,title ..  for example.
I didn't play with a google simulator to see if anything
else shows up but I can if you like.

What I've historically noticed is the better your site is externally
linked the more likely you are to have less search engine friendly
URLs cached/indexed. In other words it is relative.


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