[ic] Protx payment module update

Lyn St George lyn at zolotek.net
Mon Jul 23 09:19:07 EDT 2007

I have updated the Protx module so as to incorporate all the
changes in v2.22 of the Protx API, and at the same taken
the opportunity to re-write it from scratch and remove any 
old cruft. 

While the 3D Secure version of this module will process
Maestro cards, this version will not. This is because
Mastercard (owner of the Maestro/Switch brands) have
decreed that, from the 1st of August, all domestic and
international Maestro cards must be fully authenticated
with 3dsecure. Contact me off-list if you are interested
in the 3dsecure version. 

The Protx 'preauth' is still in this module, solely to allow
people to make a comfortable transition over to the new 
'authenticate' protocol which replaces 'preauth'. 

'authenticate and authorise' are supported, but any
'authenticate' transaction will only return 'registered',
rather than the 'authenticated' as it will on 3DSecure. 

Other protocols, such as 'repeat', 'directrefund', 'authorise', 
and so on are enabled but will require some sort of terminal
of your own to initiate. 

This includes flags to set the level of AVS or CV2 checking,
and these flags may be set from the page for an
individual transaction if desired, rather than the default in
the payment route. 

Full documentation is included in the head of the module.

Get it by anonymous FTP from:

Lyn St George
# http://www.zolotek.net  eCommerce: develop, host, support
# tel: +44-20-8205 8788  IM: support at jabber.zolotek.net

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