[ic] Paypal Module Debugging

Lyn St George lyn at zolotek.net
Fri Mar 2 07:40:21 EST 2007

On Thu, 1 Mar 2007 21:00:32 -0500, William Fiore wrote:

>Thanks to the help of Lyn and Steve I have the Paypal module working.
>There are still a couple of small items I need to debug.
>1) The "pptransactionid", "pprefundtransactionid" and
>"ppcorrelationid" don't seem to be populating in the transaction
>table. Should they?

They do, though the refund one is obviously not logged unless some sort
of interface is used to do a refund.

>2) Customers do not receive an email receipt when Paypal Checkout is used.

Yes they do. 

>3) As of right now customers can change the shipping address when they
>leave Paypal and go back to the paypalcheckout.html page. Is it a good
>idea to make this non-editable and only ship to confirmed shipping

Of course it should be this way. I've put up a demo to show how
it works, http://dev.zolotek.net/multi  This is the standard demo with
bits taken from live sites (but the style sheet not updated so please 
ignore any ugliness)

There is a cheap item on the index page (1cent) - buy this and click
on express checkout, then select Paypal. After doing your business
at Paypal you will be returned to the page mentioned in the 
documentation as 'displaying just the basket and address ..' where
you will find all your details pre-populated. You will have the choice
of UPS shipping at their rate, or 'cheap shipping' at 1cent. As this
is live payment the choice is yours. Completing the order will 
generate the receipt page, emails to the merchant and customer,
and log results into the transactions table. Note that this is live, as
Paypal don't have a proper test system (some say they don't have
a proper anything ...) so whatever money you pay is real and goes
to me.

You also have the choice of paying through a standard payment
service provider - in this case Protx (it's in "Verified by Visa / Secure
by Mastercard" mode as it's taken from a live site, but that's not 
relevant to this demo). This in test/simulator mode, and so you can 
buy anything without fear of paying real money. 

>Thank you


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