[ic] Pragma no_white working?

Grant emailgrant at gmail.com
Sun Mar 11 17:01:52 EST 2007

> Well, my guess is that blank lines are a leftover from processing of
> Interchange tags which return no value. And that whitespace isn't
> all newlines, there are some spaces on those lines.
> So try something like =~ s/\s*\n+\s*/\n/g;

I tried that in the no_blank_lines filter with the same results.  I
guess the blank lines are being generated after the filtering.

> > >One other thing you could do is put all pages through HTMLTidy
> > >or indent to fix/reformat them before sending to user. This
> > >functionality (passing data through external program) is not working
> > >since a few years ago (and obviously noone was using it), but the fix is
> > >on my todo list.
> >
> > Do you mean mod_tidy?  I'm in a discussion with a guy on the apache
> > list about mod_tidy and he has urged me to steer clear of it.
> No, I mean htmltidy or indent.. external programs used for formatting
> input, and not related to apache in any way.
> They are probably slow to run and all, so you won't want them on a
> busy site.

Are those client programs?

- Grant

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