[ic] Orders to countries which have no states/provinces ?

DB DB at M-and-D.com
Sun Nov 4 10:42:32 EST 2007

>> IC 5.4.2 with a modified foundation catalog. On my checkout form,
>> "State/Province" is a required field. Some countries however have no
>> entries in the State table. When customers try to submit orders
>> shipping
>> to such a country, a rather cryptic error appears and they can't
>> proceed
>> (I use Skipjack). The error appears to be coming from Skipjack, but I'm
>> not certain that Interchange isn't generating the error. Error text is:
>> (Payment process): There was an error accepting payment: Real-time
>>  charge failed. Reason: Length of customer state (-82)
>>  Credit Card Information: Length of customer state (-82)

> The error says 'length of state' to be an issue. Are you sure that 'NONE'
> actually works?
> I would assume that the state-length expected is 2 characters. So it would
> be rejecting everything else.
> If that is the case I'd add a   <option VALUE='NA'>Not Applicable
> as option ... 
> CU,
> Gert

Hi - NONE does work in my tests, and there are many examples in the
State table of entries longer than 2 characters. Maybe 2 is a minimum
but I'm not sure.


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