[ic] Red Hat & Interchange

Steve Graham icdev at mrlock.com
Thu Nov 15 16:15:16 EST 2007

>I run 64-bit Perl under IA64, and Interchange works fine. You might have
>some module installation (i.e. CPAN) issues unless you make sure your
>Config.pm properly specifies all architecture values, but a quick Google
>search will find the parameters to set.
>Mike Heins

I have been running IC on 64 bit Gentoo for several years now, 
without much problem. I am just tossing around the idea to let a 
hosting service take care of upgrades, OS patching, and hardware 
issues - I used to run IC on Redhat before the threading issue - just 
haven't looked at the RH product in a while. Not really interested in 
co-location, since that would basically be what I am doing now. Our 
T1 is handling the traffic ok, but by the time I make our connection 
a little more redundant, it would cost less to just lease a pc with a 
hosting service. The hosting services I have looked at both offer 
RedHat Enterprise.


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