[ic] Red Hat & Interchange

Peter peter at pajamian.dhs.org
Thu Nov 15 17:08:43 EST 2007

On 11/15/2007 06:57 AM, Jon Jensen wrote:
> On Thu, 15 Nov 2007, Steve Graham wrote:
>> Anyone using Red Hat Enterprise Linux with IC? stability, threads...
> We use RHEL 3, 4, and 5 with Interchange. It works well.
> We build a custom Perl in /usr/local that is unthreaded and put CPAN
> modules there.
> When using a 64-bit operating system, we still use a 32-bit Perl and run
> Interchange in 32-bit because of much longer experience with it. I've
> seen Interchange run in 64-bit Perl, but haven't done enough testing to
> have confidence with it in production yet.

I run Centos 4 with a 64 bit perl (last time I did a major install was
right before Centos 5 came out and we couldn't wait for it).  I have no
problems with it at all.

In case you don't know, Centos is for all intensive puposes identical to


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