[ic] Menu.pm suggestions

music at labyrinth.net.au music at labyrinth.net.au
Tue Oct 2 06:52:19 EDT 2007

>>Is it possible to use a custom version of this file for different catalogs
>>on a shared install?
>>I would like to remove "Expand tree" "Collapse tree" for some catalogs.
> I expect you are using the menu.tag for displaying your menus.
> If so, you could use the options as shown below.
> [menu ...
>         ...
>         explode_label="EXPLODE my tree"
>         collapse_label="COLLAPSE my tree"
>         ...
> ]...[/menu]

Thanks Ton. That is very helpful instruction regarding renaming the
Explode/Collapse links.
What I was trying to do was remove these links and the space they occupy in
the menu on several catalogues. (and leave them in others)
Thanks for pointing me in the right direction as on closer examination I see 
that this can be done using something like:

[menu ...

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