[ic] Spammers circumventing form checks

boll boll at sonic.net
Wed Oct 10 01:52:22 EDT 2007

Hi Grant-
This trick ended spam from my html form:

1. Add an extra textarea field to your form.
2. Use css to make that box hidden to users. Only spambots will read the 
source code and fill in that field.
3. Filter out email that contains that form field.

We do it in the nms formmail program.
There's a description of this method here:
There's a mistake in the perl code on that page, it shows "&gt" instead 
of ">".

Hope this helps.

Grant wrote:
> I have a check set up in my email form that would prevent the spam I
> receive through there from being sent, but it doesn't seem to be
> preventing it.  I guess this means the spammers are posting directly
> to the server and not using the actual page.  Is there any way to
> prevent this from happening?
> - Grant
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