[ic] Large file uploads failing

Mike Heins mike at perusion.com
Wed Aug 13 17:15:43 UTC 2008

Quoting jimbo (jimbo at soundimages.co.uk):
> Mike Heins wrote:
> > I was able to get a 46MB file to upload OK. Do you have any
> > sort of upper limit?
> The largest file currently uploaded is (don't laugh) 1.44Gb (as a zip 
> archive).

IC simply won't do that at this point. I would expect 40M to be
the current practical limit.

> The files are mostly camera ready artwork for anything from 
> logos for business cards to exhibition sized 4 colour posters, and very 
> high resolution photography for 4 colour reproduction, with a smattering 
> of other content.
> > With regard to methods, I like three:
> >     * passing a file name to copy or rsync
> >     * passing a URL to fetch
> I'm not fussy. :)
> As long as the users can upload their files, I'm happy.

Someone can easily hack [value-extended] to do either of those.
I won't have time any time soon, but see the need.

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