[ic] Admin UI code issue

Thomas J.M. Burton tom at globalfocusdm.com
Wed Dec 3 18:19:29 UTC 2008

Hi ICers,

I'm working on some additions to a catalog's Admin UI using jQuery and 
have encountered a problem. When the form fields are manipulated through 
the DOM, newly added fields are not posting. After looking into possible 
causes, it appears that the source of the problem is the <form> tag 
being placed inbetween </tr> and <tr> tags (outside of the table's 
structure). This is preventing altered fields from being sent in the 
POST request.

For proper syntax, the <form> tag should be outside of a table's 
structure rather than in-between row tags.

The page I'm working on manipulating is flex_editor.html, though this 
seems to be an issue with other form pages in the UI as well. There are 
so many layers to the admin UI source code, I'm having trouble finding 
what files I need to edit in order to correct this issue.

Where do I make changes so that I can get the <form> tag into the 
table's structure?

I'm running IC v5.4.2


Global Focus Digital Media, LLC


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