[ic] Admin UI code issue

Mike Heins mike at perusion.com
Wed Dec 3 22:02:50 UTC 2008

Quoting Thomas J.M. Burton (tom at globalfocusdm.com):
> Hi ICers,
> I'm working on some additions to a catalog's Admin UI using jQuery and 
> have encountered a problem. When the form fields are manipulated through 
> the DOM, newly added fields are not posting. After looking into possible 
> causes, it appears that the source of the problem is the <form> tag 
> being placed inbetween </tr> and <tr> tags (outside of the table's 
> structure). This is preventing altered fields from being sent in the 
> POST request.
> For proper syntax, the <form> tag should be outside of a table's 
> structure rather than in-between row tags.
> The page I'm working on manipulating is flex_editor.html, though this 
> seems to be an issue with other form pages in the UI as well. There are 
> so many layers to the admin UI source code, I'm having trouble finding 
> what files I need to edit in order to correct this issue.
> Where do I make changes so that I can get the <form> tag into the 
> table's structure?
> I'm running IC v5.4.2

You essentially cannot. 

But I have yet to see just where you suggest the <form> and </form> be
put....do you have place in mind?

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