[ic] shipmode validation

Adam Lambert adam at khouse.org
Wed Dec 3 20:34:26 UTC 2008

    I have what I think is a solid/working solution.  Here's what I've
come up with - if there's any holes in the logic, someone, please point
them out to me!    This bit goes in ord/confirm.html:

[tmp scheck][shipping check_validity=1][/tmp]
[if !scratch scheck]
        [error name="scheck" set="country code/ship mode must match"]
        [bounce href="[area ord/checkout]"]

And back in checkout.html where it gets bounced to, the error message
display gets handled same as an error in any of the other form elements
would.     Seems to all work as expected in testing, but being somewhat
unfamiliar with the underpinninngs of Interchange - I thought I'd run it
by you kind people for review.   Does that all look sane to everyone?


Adam Lambert
Koinonia House, Inc.
adam at khouse.org

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