[ic] re: installing / permission denied.. ack!

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Mon Jan 14 02:11:09 EST 2008

HI I am installing interchange on my MAC and have perl 5.8.1 in the 
system folder.
when I input the address and type Makefile.PL.. I get an error message 
that permission denied.

I have checked all the folders and I have read and write access but for 
some reason it won't let me use it..

 so then I figured maybe because it's perl 5.8.1 and not 5.6.2 as per 
the documentation.. so I downloaded 5.6.2 and put it in the system 
folder. but it won't let me put it there.. ugh
  so then I put it on the desktop just for kicks. and well I get the 
same error message.. permission denied..
 But it's on the desktop.  how can that be?  I checked the read and 
write access on the folder and its' fine..

so ideas? did I miss something here?


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