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Daniel Collis-Puro dan at endpoint.com
Mon Jan 28 15:59:43 EST 2008

Steve Graham wrote:


> Just started looking at sitemaps.....
> Am considering http://www.xml-sitemaps.com/
> They have a very inexpensive php program that can be scheduled to run
> from a cron job - am looking closely at this - haven't decided.
> Sitemaps, Froogle etc are all free to implement via the Google base
> interface. Use the term Free at your own risk...lol... Not sure how
> much TIME it will take.
> I created a couple of sitemaps from the above web site for a couple
> simple sites that I maintain, and it worked well - testing to see how
> long it takes for Google to add these pages to the index.


If you want to keep your automated sitemap creation in perl, I've found
WWW::Google::SiteMap::Robot to be a relatively good (and free) option.


It spiders your site like a web browser and allows you to restrict pages
/ page types added to your sitemap, among other features.

Two issues I've run into -

1) It appends to your sitemap file instead of re-creating it on each
run. This is easily solved, but an odd default.
2) It can get caught in an infinite loop if you have a bug in how you
create URLs on your site.

Otherwise, it works quite nicely.


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