[ic] moving catalog from user-installed IC to server-wide install

DB DB at M-and-D.com
Wed Jan 30 18:22:44 EST 2008

> DB wrote:
>> I have a catalog running from an IC 5.4.2 installation that lives in
>> /home/user/interchange
>> On the same server I have a separate installation that's running other
>> catalogs, and it lives in /usr/local/interchage. Although everything
>> runs fine, it seems silly to have these two separate instances of IC
>> both running. I'd like to have all catalogs run from the
>> /usr/local/interchange installation.
>> Would moving the catalog from the user's IC to the server-wide IC be as
>> simple as copying that catalog's line from
>> /home/user/interchange/interchange.cfg to
>> /usr/local/interchange/interchange.cfg ??
>> Somehow that seems too simple. Any wisdom would be welcomed.
> I assume the user running these Interchange installations are identical.
> In addition what has been posted, you need to exchange the link script
> to point to the right server instance.
> Regards
>           Racke

On the user's IC setup, IC runs as that user, while on the server-wide 
setup IC runs as interch. Is there any way to resolve this or must I 
redo the makecat?

Also, I don't quite follow the comment about exchanging the link script. 
Can you elaborate? Thanks!


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