[ic] Shipping.asc help - free_or_upsg not working

William Fiore william.fiore at gmail.com
Sat Jul 19 18:48:05 UTC 2008

Quoting Mike Heins (mike at perusion.com)

>Are you positive your items have weight? And that there is a zip
>code available at the time you are showing shipping?

Mike, all of the other shipping methods appear fine so I don't think
it is a weight issue, and I do have a zip code entered. I actually
tried removing the free_or_upsg method and just having a UPSG method
and that doesn't show either. So I think there is a problem with the
UPSG method all togther, but all I did was copy it from the UPSS
method and change the table name to Ground. Any idea why just this
method wouldn't be working?

My catalog.cfg code looks like this (I commented out the code the ups
cache code but I don't think that should matter since I am not using
the UPSQuery anymore):

### Shipping setup. See Interchange docs -- you will want to change
### the origin postal code and default destination postal codes, for sure.
Shipping   Postal     default_geo   92649
Shipping   QueryUPS   default_geo   92649
Shipping   default    dir           products/ship

Database   2ndDayAir        ship/2ndDayAir.csv         CSV
Database   2ndDayAirAM      ship/2ndDayAirAM.csv       CSV
Database   3DaySelect       ship/3DaySelect.csv        CSV
Database   Expedited        ship/Expedited.csv         CSV
Database   Express          ship/Express.csv           CSV
Database   Ground           ship/Ground.csv            CSV
Database   NextDayAir       ship/NextDayAir.csv        CSV
Database   NextDayAirSaver  ship/NextDayAirSaver.csv   CSV
Database   Xarea            ship/Xarea.csv             CSV
Database   Zone             ship/Zone.csv              CSV
Database   usps             ship/usps.txt              TAB
Database   Book             ship/Book.txt              TAB
Database   Priority         ship/Priority.txt          TAB
Database   air_pp           ship/air_pp.txt            TAB
Database   surf_pp          ship/surf_pp.txt           TAB
#Database   ups_cache        ship/ups_cache.txt         __SQLDSN__
#Database   ups_cache        AUTO_SEQUENCE  ups_cache_seq
#Database   ups_cache        DEFAULT_TYPE varchar(12)
#Database   ups_cache        INDEX  weight origin zip shipmode country

ValuesDefault    mv_shipmode       USPSP

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