[ic] IC 5.6.0 parse_page: Error parsing page. - Possible Bug

Andrew Rich andrew at mapsdownunder.com.au
Wed Jun 11 14:17:22 UTC 2008

> I am having trouble with parse_page errors in the content editor.
> At first I thought it was our system so I tested it in Demo1 on IC Dev
> Site with the same result.
> Error occurs if PAGE_EDITOR_STYLE is set to "standard" or "" (blank for
> original with slots etc.).
> (Just by the way w use a modified version of original with body widget
> set to fck as customers prefer fck editor when editing their content.)
> The error occurs when creating a NEW PAGE or when trying to EDIT some
> of
> the EXISTING pages in the standard demo.
> Some examples of pages having edit problems on demo1 are:
> deliver.html, dump.html, splash.html, test_order.html, violation.html,
> ord/address.html, ord/billing.html
> I gave up looking at this point ;-)
> This did not occur with 5.4.2 and looking at mailing list has occured
> previously but Mike's code was commented out in ContentEditor.pm
> febuary
> 2007.
> Andrew
> andrew at mapsdownunder.com.au

Any ideas?  I really do not know what to look for with this one.

andrew at mapsdownunder.com.au

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