[ic] Matrix help

Peter peter at pajamian.dhs.org
Mon Mar 24 21:49:13 EST 2008

On 03/24/2008 07:12 PM, West Distributon Inc. wrote:
> I am having difficulties with matrix.  The way I want to have a matrix 
> set up is to be able to have a unique SKU for each matrix option, I can 
> see how to add its unique SKU.  However when I add items to my cart with 
> that specific SKU (which is simply the Master SKU with an option 
> appended to it eg.. 0900053-A, 0900053-B,0900053-C), I am hoping that 
> option specific SKU# gets added to the cart.

I'm pretty sure it does.  It's easy enough to test and see.

> Secondary to this, on the cart page, the Options drop down menu gets 
> printed.  I'd like for this drop menu not to be printed, but simply the 
> option that the customer chose (text), does anybody knowhow to disable 
> that and simply print the customers choice?

I think (and this is just off the top of my head) if you find the 
[item-options] tag in the cart component (templates/components/cart) and 
add display=1 to it then it will just display the choice but not the widget.

> Thanks in advance!  I saw somewhere there are new matrix options in a 
> new release, but I cannot seem to find that post.

Yes, but they haven't been officially released yet.  You can get the 
Matrix improvements in the nightly build or via CVS.  For more info see 
the relevant comments in the WHATSNEW-5.5 file:


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