[ic] Matrix help

West Distribution Inc. sales at westdistribution.com
Tue Mar 25 01:37:06 EST 2008

Thanks Peter I appreciate the response,  I guess it is the Variant ID I want 
to display in the cart when a product with an option is added.  I am not 
sure if I am setting up the Variants correctly or not, but it seems to me 
that if when there are inventory items with options, each inventory item 
should have its own unique SKU. When that option of the item gets added to 
the cart, that unique SKU should display so the customer knows they have 
ordered the correct product.  This SKU could then get exported in a CSV file 
in order to import into an accounting program, where the SKU and quantity 
would be the only information carried forward to identify the product.

I may be missing something very obvious here.  Thanks again for the help!


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