[ic] 5.6.1 demo cart has CSS image issue?

Carlc Internet Services mvu at carlc.com
Tue Nov 18 19:05:47 UTC 2008


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> From: Carlc Internet Services
> In error.log:
> /cgi-bin/gocart/index.html CSS dir images does not exist 
> /cgi-bin/gocart/search.html CSS dir images does not exist.
> Etc for different pages.
> 	Any ideas where I screwed up ???

I fixed it myself.. Amazing what you can do with a little more research (already had 2 days into it).

In case someone else hits the "CSS dir images does not exist." error message:

1) Login as your interchange username (example: ic)
2) go to a catalog area (example: /home/catalogs/myfirstcatalog)
3) See if you can "cd images"
4) If you can not, that's why you get the "CSS dir images does not exist.". Also, check that you can write a file into the
"images" directory as interchange will want to write things into there.
5) to fix, look at the entire path of "images" (example: ls -la , look for images). You should see a full path. As the login "ic"
(or your interchange username from step #1), cd down the path one at a time and find the blocked path. If not, check that you can
write a file into "images", fix the protection as needed.
6) Enjoy.

Sorry to have bothered anyone, and hopefully, this will help someone else down the road with the same problem.

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