[ic] usps-query in shipping.asc international shipments

Sam Batschelet sam at westbranchresort.com
Wed Sep 24 21:03:50 UTC 2008

On 9/24/08 8:45 AM, "Sam Batschelet" <sam at westbranchresort.com> wrote:

> IC 5.5.1 Standard Admin
> In an effort to offer my customers more accurate shipping costs and options I
> have setup usps-query which works great my question is how do I setup the WWW
> USPS Lookup as an option in shipping options:charge type.  The only option
> that I see WWW UPS Lookup and I am not complexly understanding how to add the
> USPS lookup functionality to shipping.asc.  Thank you for your time in
> advance.

Well I gave up on trying to add WWW USPS Lookup to the drop down but you can
set the type to formula and use something like this.  Works nicely for
domestic shipments.

[ups-query zip="[either][value zip][or][var SHIP_DEFAULT_ZIP][/either]"
mode="GNDRES" weight="@@TOTAL@@"]

I am now having a problem using usps-query for international shipments.  I
have used the demo examples and checked the country table to make sure it
was complete.  I have set all of the variables per the notes in the user
tag.  Even hard coding in every variable and don't get a response.  Looked
at the code for usps_query and the tech docs from USPS and it seems to be
sending the correct information does anyone have this working?

[usps-query service="GLOBAL EXPRESS MAIL (EMS)" weight="@@TOTAL@@"
country="[data table=country col=name key="[value country]"]"]

This in theory should give a response but doesn't:

[usps-query service="GLOBAL EXPRESS MAIL (EMS)" weight="1" country="Japan"]

Any help would be great

Thanks -Sam

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