[ic] Intermittent Authorize.net Problem

Mike Heins mike at perusion.com
Tue Sep 30 23:15:29 UTC 2008

Quoting Chris Keane (chris.keane at zzgi.com):
> Hi all,
> Just looking for some thoughts. We have a client who sends in a large 
> series of authorize.net transactions. Specifically, it's a race 
> organization who bills the racer's cards at the end of the event for 
> whatever they actually raced.
> This has worked flawlessly. Until about a month ago, when the 
> Net::SSLeay connection to auth.net seemed to develop an intermittent 
> dropout. Specifically, this section from Vend::Payment:
>                  my ($page, $response, %reply_headers)
>                  = post_https(
>                             $server, $port, $script,
>                             make_headers( %header ),
>                             make_form(    %$query ),
>                                          );
>                  my $header_string = '';
>                  for(keys %reply_headers) {
>                          $header_string .= "$_: $reply_headers{$_}\n";
>                  }
> ::logDebug("received Net::SSLeay header: $header_string");
> All the inputs are being delivered right but in the cases where this 
> error shows, the returned values are empty, so $header_string is empty, 
> and in fact it APPEARS that the connection is getting closed 
> prematurely. The problem is that Interchange does the only sensible 
> thing and marks the transaction as failed, while the auth.net server 
> actually accepts it and sends for settlement. This has resulted in some 
> racers being double billed when Interchange sends the transaction again.
> I know that Net::SSLeay has a debugger built in... any thoughts on how 
> to extract that info? I'm assuming that the connection is getting 
> prematurely closed, but does anyone have any other thoughts?
> Seems to have to about 3% of transactions.
> I suspect it's something specific to this server since none of our other 
> servers are showing the problem.

Investigate the use_wget option in later Interchanges.

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