[ic] User Manual

Steve Graham icdev at mrlock.com
Wed Apr 8 16:12:00 UTC 2009

From: Holiday Farms

I am not proficient in web development.  Would like a simple manual for 
updating the interchange program we are using, i.e. adding pictures, 
changing text, putting in options, etc.
I do not want documentation but steps to make these simple changes to our 
current edition (5.6).
Thank you, Jean Tombaugh

Here is a very basic  walk-through on adding simple options to an existing 

You can have multiple simple options on each item.

A simple option for size
another option for color etc...

Try this on the demo website 1st:


u: demo
p: demo

<assuming you already have a basic item created>

click items
then click on a specific item you want an option
click the options tab
click simple option button
enter a name  (this is internal name, no spaces or -, underscore is ok )
enter a label (displayed to customer, spaces ok)
(past into large text box:)
S1=Size 1*
S2=Size 2
S3=Size 3
click create option
the option is created and shown on the left of the page now.
click edit price differential
(past in text box)
click ok, then test it out in your catalog.

you can create several options for each item, and add price modifiers for
options selected.
Put an * after the option value you want to be the default

Should get you going with simple options, try it on the demo site.


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