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David Christensen david at endpoint.com
Thu Aug 6 02:09:03 UTC 2009

On Aug 5, 2009, at 8:42 PM, Rick Bragg wrote:

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>>>> Hi List;
>>>> I am having lots of trouble with this and I hope someone can please
>>>> help
>>>> me through this, point me in the write direction, or talk me down
>>>> from
>>>> the leadge!
>>>> I am wondering if there is a "best practice" or examples for using
>>>> the
>>>> FCK editor for editing and saving content but not in the admin
>>>> area.  I
>>>> have a field in a database called "content" and I want it to be
>>>> editable
>>>> by affiliates via the FCK editor.  Again, this is NOT in the admin
>>>> area,
>>>> but in the catalog itself.  The problem I am having is that when  
>>>> they
>>>> paste certain things from a pdf or word file (they have to be  
>>>> able to
>>>> do
>>>> this!) things look fine in the editor, but when they save it,  
>>>> things
>>>> sometimes get encoded in strange ways.  I have FCK configured to
>>>> paste
>>>> as plain text only! (no strait paste, or paste from word is  
>>>> enabled).
>>>> I
>>>> have been writing strange filters to try to catch them, but this
>>>> seems
>>>> the totally wrong way to go.  Does anybody have a sample of a form
>>>> that
>>>> calls up data, sticks it into FCK, then when submitted, saves  
>>>> back to
>>>> the table in such a way that strange characters don't get  
>>>> introduced?
>>>> It does not seem to be a browser issue at all.
>>> Interchange version?
>> If the users are pasting from Word why not enable paste from word in
>> the toolbar?
>> -Bill Carr
> Hi, thanks Bill;
> I would love to keep all the paste options, but the situation is that
> they are city department officials that will use this to "paste words"
> if you know what I mean. I would not be surprised if they get out a  
> can
> of glue.  Hard core Luddite's that have the power to kill the whole
> project.
> I guess I just need to know that I am doing all I can, but I need to
> give them clear options that work.  Right now, I'm sure that I am  
> doing
> things very wrong for example I started writing my own filters to  
> "clean
> things up" which is totally wrong.   I am just looking for some
> direction so I can be confident that things work as good as they can
> across platforms, browsers, character encodings, document types etc.  
> Any
> issues or problems cannot be due to my fault if you know what I mean.
> Since I can't find any "best practices" or samples of this, I feel  
> that
> I am the only one doing this, which I also know is not true.
> One example right now is when I use the "insert special character" in
> the toolbar and put in the (R) for registered... it saves the  
> character
> perfect in the database as ®, but then when I insert a "tm" for
> trademark, right after the (R) it saves it as ®™  then the next  
> time
> I save it, it turns into ®™ and so-on... It keeps growing  
> upon
> every save...

This particular instance is an artifact of multiple applications of  
utf8 encoding without corresponding decoding.  If this is within the  
context of FCKEditor, it might be outside of the realm of IC itself,  
and may be more dependent on FCK's configuration and/or apache's  
concept of the current charset for the documents being served/data  
being posted.


David Christensen
End Point Corporation
david at endpoint.com

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