[ic] Does IC install extra stuff?

Gert van der Spoel gert at 3edge.com
Sun Aug 23 14:22:43 UTC 2009

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> >> Is there a way to figure out if IC is using any of the perl modules
> in
> >> /usr/local/interchange so I might be able to delete them?  Could
> 'make
> >> install' have installed anything outside of /usr/local/interchange?
> >
> > You installed Bundle::KitchenSink already before you finished your IC
> > install right?
> > Then my assumption is that if you would remove those perl models from
> > /usr/local/interchange that things should still work.
> >
> > Then again, my 2nd theory is that if you have Interchange installing
> those
> > modules under /usr/local/interchange/  then the Perl that you used to
> > install interchange was not able to find these modules. Or the test
> in order
> > to find these modules is broken in the Interchange installation
> process ...
> >
> > Are you using a stock Perl, or your own compiled Perl?  There might
> be the
> > key to this. I use a self compiled Perl and if you do too then this
> might be
> > the reason why these things end up in /usr/local/interchange ... But
> that is
> > just a theory and that could mean that the installation process has a
> > certain issue with determining if all modules are available ...
> >
> > And if you are not on a production environment then the first thing I
> would
> > try is to move all of those modules away from /usr/local/interchange,
> > restart the kitty and see if she will still purr ... If you are only
> having
> > production that might be a bit of a crash & burn experience for some
> of the
> > visitors in those exciting 5 minutes ...   (so 'move all of those
> modules =
> > zip -r -9 myiclib.zip /usr/local/interchange/lib/ ... then
> whackallmodules ,
> > restart, check if it still plays, if not unzip that myiclib.zip and
> restart
> I haven't removed them, but I can see from an error I'm getting that
> IC is using at least some perl modules from /usr/local/interchange.
> How can I make it aware of the modules installed in the system?

Just theorizing because I am not sure (hopefully someone else can agree with
me or tell you the correct answer).
The modules are loaded according to the sequence they are found in @INC ...
So I assume that /usr/local/interchange is earlier in your @INC than the
other locations where the modules are found ... 

Perhaps modifying the commandline in interchange/bin/interchange might do
the trick by adding:
#!/path/to/perl -I /path/to/systemlocation/of/modules

Other option, not sure if that would help, is setting the PERL5LIB
environment variable to the path of your systemlocaton of the perl modules
you want to use. 



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