[ic] Strange behavior when using CGI values as loop list elements

Marty Tennison marty at dripdepot.com
Thu Feb 26 19:30:35 UTC 2009

Mike Heins wrote:
> Quoting Marty Tennison (marty at sediva.com):
> I can duplicate it. I don't know what is causing it yet. It may have
> something to do with restrict/allow -- it is not happening when the value
> is parsed.
> You can work around it with:
> 	[loop list=`$CGI->{looplist}`]

Thanks, Mike I appreciate your help. This may end up being a local issue
for me and not affect anyone else. But just in case it is not, I did
some more digging and came up with some interesting info.  I'll post it
here for archiving in the event it is useful for others.

The problem only occurs if I use Interchange::Link.  It does not occur
if I use vlink or tlink.  So, I uncommented the warn statements in
Link.pm and found out that it is hanging while trying to read the
socket. (see details below)

Beyond that is over my head.  Interestingly, while the hang occurs that
CPU is pegged at 100%, so interchange is searching for something, I'm,
just not sure what.

==== BEGIN Link.pm output ========
[Thu Feb 26 10:58:38 2009] -e: Got environment.
[Thu Feb 26 10:58:38 2009] -e: Got entity.
[Thu Feb 26 10:58:38 2009] -e: Getting location /
[Thu Feb 26 10:58:38 2009] -e: InterchangeServer=/var/run/interchange/socket
[Thu Feb 26 10:58:38 2009] -e: vlink /var/run/interchange/socket
[Thu Feb 26 10:58:38 2009] -e: Ready to connect.
[Thu Feb 26 10:58:38 2009] -e: reading from SOCK
(it hangs here........Notice the times)
[Thu Feb 26 10:58:45 2009] -e: GOT header read from SOCK: HTTP/1.0 200 OK
[Thu Feb 26 10:58:45 2009] -e:
[Thu Feb 26 10:58:45 2009] -e: GOT header read from SOCK: Content-Type:
text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1
[Thu Feb 26 10:58:45 2009] -e:
[Thu Feb 26 10:58:45 2009] -e: GOT header read from SOCK:
[Thu Feb 26 10:58:45 2009] -e:
[Thu Feb 26 10:58:45 2009] -e: Returning OK
==== END Link.pm output ========

Some more clues for anyone interested. (not sure if any of these matter)

This may sound odd, but coincidentally the issue arose when I commented
out the #Variable  UI  1 in my interchange.cfg file.  I was doing some
testing and noticed it and when I uncommented the line the problem
persisted and I got some strange ichelp.txt errors ( Vend::Data export:
non-existent database ichelp)  that I had to dig into.  I'm not sure if
they are related but it happed at the same time and it stuck in my mind. :)

I recently added.

Variable MV_HTTP_CHARSET ISO-8859-1

to my interchange.cfg file, it does not fix the problem if I comment it out.

I recently started using FullUrl yes and Interchange::Link together so I
can specify a <location /> in my httpd.conf file for each virtual host. 
As mentioned above, going back to vlink or tlink solves the problem.
(but I dislike using thos pesky rewrite rules) :)

I've been doing a lot of Mysql work lately but I don't see how that
could affect this issue.

I've tried rpc, low and high with no effect.

Thats about it.  Now; committed to the archives forever. :)

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