[ic] Simple Options Matrix Options

Steve Graham icdev at mrlock.com
Thu Jan 15 21:39:53 UTC 2009

>> --------------------------------------------------
>> From: "kerry" <kerry at basicq.com>
>> Sent: Thursday, January 15, 2009 12:04 PM
>> To: <interchange-users at icdevgroup.org>
>> Subject: [ic] Simple Options Matrix Options
>>> I am using version 5.6.1. I have some items that have color and size
>>> options with price differences. I have the options working properly, but
>>> I
>>> have not been able to figure out how to get the option information on
>>> the
>>> email copy to the customer, or to the company. I have read through a lot
>>> of the online documentation and searched the archives, but have not been
>>> able to resolve. It must be noted that I am not a programmer.
>>> Kerry
>> I am using IC 5.4 and all the associated files are located in the /etc
>> directory of your installation, but you need to be able to do a little
>> coding to understand these files.
>> Joe
> This is the code I think controls what is in the email order copy. It is
> in the etc/mail_receipt file. It looks like it should already be set to
> print the options information according the [if-modifier size]SIZE line
> below, but it is not.
> Quan  Item No.    Description                            Price
> Extension
> ---- ----------- ------------------------------- --------------
> ----------------
> [item-list][row 82]
> [column width=5 gutter=1 align=right]  [item-quantity] [/column]
> [column width=12 gutter=1]  [item-code] [/column]
> [column width=32 gutter=1 align=left wrap=1]
> [item-description]
> [if-modifier size]SIZE-->[item-modifier size][/if-modifier][if-modifier
> color] COLOR-->[item-modifier color][/if-modifier]
> [/column]
> [column width=15 gutter=1 align=r]  [item-price] [/column]
> [column width=17 gutter=1 align=r] [item-subtotal] [/column]
> [/row]
> [if-item-data options o_enable][if-item-data !options o_modular][row 82]
>    [column width=5 align=right][/column]
>    [column width=12 gutter=1][/column]
>    [column width=32 wrap=1 gutter=1][filter op="tabbed decode_entities
> compress_space strip"][item-options type=display
> report=1][/filter][/column]
> [/row][/if-item-data][/if-item-data]
> [if-item-param pay_cert_code]

Looks like the right file.

Are your options showing on the flypage allowing the customer to select the 

Does your finished order emails received by order processing show the 


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