[ic] Quick (hopefully) shipping question

Chris Kershaw chris at endpoint.com
Wed Mar 25 03:34:51 UTC 2009

Rick Bragg wrote:
> Hi all,
> I noticed in log_transaction that both the ship mode and description are
> saved in the transactions table.
> shipmode: [value mv_shipmode] ([shipping-desc])
> Would it break anything if I ONLY stored the description?
> example:
> shipmode: [shipping-desc]
> Would this be OK? or would it mess anything up from Standard?
> Thanks!
> rick
Hello Rick,

I would be careful with this. If you use the Admin UI for any order
entries or updates, then removing the shipmode from the transactions
will most certainly affect that. This value is used in
recompute_transaction when updating orders which makes use of the
shipping logic.

Hope this helps.


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