[ic] Using a mysql View as userdb... caveats?

Paul Jordan paul at gishnetwork.com
Mon Dec 6 14:17:02 UTC 2010

> From: paul at gishnetwork.com
> Are there any issues running userdb as a view and not a real table? I have a
> View As
> domainA > catalogA > databaseA > userdbA > selected dealer data
> Unioned with...
> domainB > catalogB > databaseB > userdbB > selected dealer data
> The View serves as domainC > catalogC > databaseC > userdbC
> I'm running a slimmed down userdbC just for logins on a small app in
> catalogC.
> IC has recognized it and I am putting some more parts of the app to be able
> to test it more - just thought I'd shoot off an email to see if anyone knows
> of any pitfalls I might find.

The only thing I ran into thus far was that because my View was of a Union - it therefore is not "updatabled".
Standard ships with the Userdb login procedure that updates mod_time, so this was needed in catalog.cfg:
# To disable field containing date of last change:
UserDB    default    time_field    none

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