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Stefan Hornburg (Racke) racke at linuxia.de
Thu Jan 7 20:43:57 UTC 2010

Rick Bragg wrote:
> I need to integrate a mailing-list type of function into Interchange.  I
> would rather not tie it in with mailman.  The lists could get quite
> large, and I was wondering about the best way to go about it?
> My thought is when a user creates a "message" it would get stored in a
> database, and a cron job (witch would in turn run an IC job) maybe
> running every minute or so would look for these new messages and deliver
> it to a list via the [email] tag.  Is this a good way?  How do customer
> email messages in the admin area get sent?

In my opinion if you want to do serious mailings, use a mailing list
manager. Their authors fought all problems and traps you will eventually
run in.

I would recommend to use Sympa, because it:

* allows subscriber lists based on custom SQL (e.g. selection from userdb)
* provides SOAP interface
* has some forum type functions
* written in Perl :-)

And in the next release 6.1 it will even support personalized list

You can use Interchange to pass the messages by SOAP or simple email
to the mailing list manager.


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