[ic] Upgrade to Interchange-5.7.4 performance issues

Gert van der Spoel gert at 3edge.com
Tue Mar 23 15:48:50 UTC 2010

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> On Mar 22, 2010, at 4:11 PM, Peter wrote:
> > On 23/03/10 03:51, Bill Carr wrote:
> >> I just tried again with vlink and I still get the performance
> >> problems. I posted a new strace here
> >> http://www.bottlenose-wine.com/userfiles/strace.txt. Anymore ideas?

You're doing it on a live server with various websites running on this
If so that does make it harder to actually pinpoint issues, if there are
random amount of people randomly doing their things.

I noticed around line: 388985  that things look to go not according to plan.
It does (or tries to do) something with:

Which appears to result in some kind of crash (I'm not an strace expert to
see what is exactly going on). Perhaps there is an entry in your error log
/var/log/interchange/error.log with a timestamp of: 22/March/2010:10:37:16
... Unless you yourself restarted Interchange at that point.

If you restarted Interchange there yourself then I guess that is not the
right point, but after that things look like it is getting stuck in timeouts
on read/writes ... 

The data before line 388985, as far as I have browsed it, does not really
look too odd to me .. There are no timestamps with the lines so it does not
really give an idea on what is taking long .. I believe strace should be
able to provide timing data aswell ... 

But it will probably work better to isolate an environment on which you do
the testing. As you might have noticed there aren't many people who will
bother to try and load a 46Mb tracefile and will just give practical
suggestions about your environment instead (which might hit the nail on the



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