[ic] /scan/ search help

Adam Lambert tech at khouse.org
Tue Mar 23 19:27:40 UTC 2010

Ok, so I've got some one-click searches I'm trying to modify to be a bit
more flexible.   What I am trying to replicate in a /scan/ one-click
style URL, is the following basic SQL.

SELECT * FROM products WHERE sku = master_sku

In other words, I only want the search to return products that have a
matching sku and master_sku, since I might have 2 or 4 or 10 products
which all share the same master_sku, but I only want the user to see the
product which has a sku that matches the master_sku when they do a search.

I have read, and read, and read some more from the online documentation
which describes the (IMHO, very confusing) search facilities available
vai /scan/ URLs, and for the life of me, I cannot understand from them
how I might accomplish the above (short of resorting to form based
searches and real SQL).

Can anyone lend a hand?



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