[ic] Is the more tag very inefficient?

IC ic at tvcables.co.uk
Wed Jul 31 13:46:01 UTC 2013

> Yeah, 209 products shouldn't hurt the performance at all. What about the
> ITL inside query? There is usually a lot of things that can be improved.
> Regards
> 	Racke

Hi Racke,

Stripping the code in the query tag does speed things up but I still see the
same 10-20x processing speed difference between the first page and scan
pages, to test it I just put this in the query tag:-

	      [sql-param description]<br>
      	 Matches [matches] of [match-count] shown.<BR>

Query benchmark times are 0.01 to 0.02 seconds on the first page, 0.22-0.3
seconds on the scan pages.

I haven't tried to work out exactly how the more tag works, maybe Mike could
comment, I wonder if it is returning every table row rather than just those

It would seem more efficient to try and use the sql limit if this is the

Any help appreciated.


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