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Stefan Hornburg (Racke) racke at linuxia.de
Mon Aug 18 14:03:44 UTC 2014

On 08/18/2014 04:00 PM, dev2 at adeux.net wrote:
> Hello,
> I am trying to use the graph.usertag on the RTFM site - looking at the documentation I have come up with the following syntax:
> [graph type="lines" title="Temperature" x_label="Time" y_label="degrees c" query=""]
> However, I do not really folow what the query should be.  The documentation says:
> query - SQL query returning data to populate the graph with.  The first column
>   returned is the code or label of the dataset, the second column is the x-axis
>   label and the 3rd column is the y-axis point.
> Does that mean that each row needs the dataset name - eg:
> temp 10:00 20.0
> temp 10:01 20.0
> temp 10:02 19.9
> etc
> Given that the tag dates from 2007, is this still the best way to produce dynamic charts or has anyone used something else/

I cannot help you with this tag, never used it.

In a Dancer project we used Chart::Clicker and we really liked it.
Certainly better than the kind of dusty GD stuff.


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